Financial Transparency

We are volunteer chaperones. We collect and handle money for the sole purpose of providing bussing for those students that need transportation. The following is the club's financial situation for 2024.

  • $649.62 left over from last year that can be used for bussing this year
  • Approximately $315 per trip for bussing (subject to a timely departure from Perfect North)
  • Perfect North chargers a $5 collection fee on our $25 bus fee which leaves the club with $20 per student
  • $20 per student multiplied by 44 seats, plus the left over money from last year, equals $1530
  • Our 4 trips should total approximately $1265 which leaves a little left over in case we have a cost overrun.
  • At the end of the season we typically send a thank you letter to each bus driver that drove for us with a $20 gift card.

I'll update this page at the conclusion of the year for the two or three people that care :)

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